Brandon Montero Tattooer. Hollidaysburg, Pennsylvania.
Beach Half SleeveLuckSnow White Half SleeveBeetle and MandalaLabyrinth Owl and Roses Half SleeveFlying Letter on ShinPantherAll Seeing Eye and Roses on SternumMomMini Kois and BlossomsBear with RoseUnsacred HeartHand with Umbrella and MoonZelda (Healed)RoseNever Trust SnakesPoison Skeleton HandSnake and Skull with Roses Half SleeveNamakubiMary of GuadalupeHorseshoe Webs (Healed)Guts and Tea CupsHeart and ArrowGreen DragonBlack Rabbit and SkullAnvil and Hammer on PalmPurple Rose of DeathTeacup and ShipTeal ShishiTiger on ThighReaper with Stone CrossRam Skull with Butterfly Wings (Healed)Mason Jar with Lightning BugsUrn and Willows (HealedSword SwallowerElephant with MaskGypsyDagger and RoseCopilot Boston TerrierInvisible ManMermaid with SkullHealed Puppy PortraitMoon Wands on KneesBaby Death Cherub (Healed)Bee With Flowers on HeadHeart Dagger on ThighMily Portrait Old ToolsTudor FlowerTwo Headed Snake and Poppies (Healed)Fly